Vote Green or Red, But Not Blue

Vote Green or Red, But Not Blue

 Patrick Boylan wrote an editorial that featured Nancy Wade's campaign on 10/17 in the Welles Park Bulldog:

"Do you want to make a difference this election? Vote for Nancy Wade. Wade is as progressive as anyone in this race, intelligent and will represent the district well. And electing Wade will send a message to the people who think your vote doesn’t matter. They think they own that seat, not you."

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Do you remember how this country described the Communist elections as frauds? Welcome to the Peoples Republic of Madiganistan. Inmates: the Citizens of Illinois.

It is a place where the opposition party is taken over. It is a place where powerful politicians with nothing to fear would rather remove any choice or opposition through ballot challenges than face questions about their stewardship. It is a place where opposition is ignored by ‘reformers.’

The Democratic candidates here often feel so powerful and entitled entitled that they do not need to respond to the requests of media or opposition for debate.

Proof? I’ll lay it out in the next few days, candidate by candidate. But for a shorthand version, take a look at the campaign in a different Illinois Congressional District, a place where the candidate hasn’t been in public for months and has a mental issue. Now, this week, there are revelations of an FBI investigation that could lead to an indictment of this candidate. That candidate, Jesse Jackson Jr., will win handily, despite these issues.

How can this be? What the hell is wrong with Illinois and in particular with Chicago?

Let’s be clear, I am friends with many of the Democratic candidates. I see them at community events; I talk to them; I sometimes give them a hug.

I am also friends with several of the local Republicans. I’ve enjoyed football games at their homes; I fence with them on Facebook over policy.

But the parties and their candidates have something to answer for. In fact we, the public, have to answer for this issue too. It is time, not to vote, but to run for office. If you can’t do that it is time for you to ask questions of the people involved.

I am proposing something radical here. Vote Green. Or vote Red. But don’t vote Blue. Get involved and run.

Let’s start at the top.


Congressman Mike Quigley has made a name for himself in this district. He takes one day jobs at the bottom and lives that life for a day. Sometimes he delivers your pizza. Sometimes he digs a hole in your yard to deal with a sewer issue.

The thing is, Quigley goes back to work the next day as a Congressman. The guy delivering your pizza has to go to work that night, and the next, and the next… For the pizza guy this is life. For Quigley, this is a nice way to get publicity out about how he’s a real guy who mixes with the masses.

I suppose it isn’t cynical, just normal political stuff.

It is also a setup by Quigley to assure you he is a regular guy.

Quigley faces two challengers in the election this year. To our knowledge he has met only one of the candidates, Dan “ The Coffee Man” Schmidt, in a ‘debate’ that seemed to focus on high speed rail. It was apparently sponsored by a newspaper that doesn’t circulate in this area: the Daily Herald.

Nancy Wade wasn’t at the Daily Herald meetup. We’ve made a number of calls to the newspaper. We’d like to know where the video of the meeting is, why Wade wasn’t there and why the meeting seemed to focus on high speed rail.

Wade’s campaign manager says the candidate wasn’t invited. 

Schmidt says he didn’t know the meeting was to include Quigley.

The Daily Herald isn’t returning the calls of Wade. They aren’t returning our calls either.

Both the Green candidate, Wade, and the Republican candidate, Schmidt, have met with us. Wade’s campaign is trying to set up a forum through the League of Women Voters. Schmidt has accepted. Quigley, the man of the people, once again isn’t responding.

We contacted Quigley three times about this, starting before Labor Day. Quigley’s campaign has never responded.

To be fair, we don’t think Quigley has much of a campaign. It is probably spending as much as Schmidt. In other words nothing.

Why should it bother waging a real campaign?

Quigley is strategically using community events he is being invited to attend as Congressman to keep his name in front of the public. That means the congressional office is probably being billed for him running over to your block party and to the ribbon cutting and the festival and all the other places you see him, but never see him challenged.

Quigley is just the most recent in a string of ‘characters’ who have ‘owned’ this Illinois Fifth Congressional office.

  • Rahm Emanuel, now mayor. Rumor has it Rahmbo thinks he still owns this seat
  • Rod Blagojevich, now a guest of the federal government
  • Michael Flanigan, a one-term wonder of the GOP
  • Dan Rostenkowski, deceased, but also spent time in the pen
  • Bill Lipinski, famously deeded his seat (he was redistricted to another seat at the time) to his son


Quigley won this seat on the promise that his time spent as a reformer at the Cook County Board would be indicative of his term in Congress.

He highlights his transparency reforms in Congress.

Quig can tell himself that he meets constituents by being a working guy for the day. That he meets them at the ribbon cutting. But he won’t meet his opponents in debate. He won’t submit to an award-winning neighborhood news site sitting down with him for an hour.

Do you want to make a difference this election? Vote for Nancy Wade. Wade is as progressive as anyone in this race, intelligent and will represent the district well.

And electing Wade will send a message to the people who think your vote doesn’t matter. They think they own that seat, not you.

Or, vote for Schmidt. Schmidt seems completely unprepared to enter the Congress, but maybe that appeals to you.

Do not believe your vote is wasted voting Green. The only wasted vote here is yet another vote for Quigley.


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