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Election Day

Join Nancy Wade on Election Day and help make a difference in this race!

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Nancy Addresses PDA Illinois

 IL-5 Green Party Congressional candidate Nancy Wade addresses PDA Chicago's membership, October 9, 2012

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Vote Green or Red, But Not Blue

Vote Green or Red, But Not Blue

 Patrick Boylan wrote an editorial that featured Nancy Wade's campaign on 10/17 in the Welles Park Bulldog:

"Do you want to make a difference this election? Vote for Nancy Wade. Wade is as progressive as anyone in this race, intelligent and will represent the district well. And electing Wade will send a message to the people who think your vote doesn’t matter. They think they own that seat, not you."

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Democracy Burlesque Improv and Wade for Congress

Join us for some politics and comedy! AND support the Nancy Wade for Congress campaign (mention Wade for Congress upon purchase and part of the proceeds go to the campaign).

DEMOCRACY BURLESQUE, Chicago's best political sketch comedy show presents…
Terrifying! Polarizing! This Halloween season creep into our election house of horror. It will warp you into wailing the cries of Obama resting on cool and not following through. Or you’ll spend your time trying to escape the robotic glow of Romney’s smile. There’s no center, no escape trap -- and when you leave, you and the rest of the mob will grab your pitchforks and smartphones, stop acting like the walking dead, and demand to be heard! You will become ... CITIZENS INCITED!
Tuesday October 23
Mary's Attic
5400 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60640
$15 Adults
$10 Students

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Click here to view a map of the 5th Congressional District in Illinois.


Get involved with the Green Party here:

Jill Stein for President

Green Party of the United States

Illinois Green Party

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"Legitimate Rape"?

Todd Akin, Republican Senate candidate in Missouri, holds the view that when women are “legitimately” raped we are able to block conception by an implied magical ability of the female body. He’s not just conservative; he wants to take us back in time to the early seventies, when there were passionate public debates over what rape “really” is.

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Contact Us

If you have questions for the Wade In Congress campaign, please use the form below or contact us directly:

Email: Nancy Wade or Campaign Manager Walter Pituc

Call: Campaign Headquarters: (773) 850-1629

Mail: P.O. Box 408370, 4850 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640

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